About Raun Shephard


Raun Shephard is an entrepreneur who has achieved success in various industries, such as insurance, oil and gas, construction, demolition and coaching. His success is attributed to his expertise in systems thinking - the ability to identify industry-wide best practices and incorporate them into sales, marketing and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Raun started gaining experience in marketing, sales, and systems thinking at a very young age. Before he was 21 years old, he had already built a business that spanned five states in the USA and two provinces in Canada. As the years progressed, Raun developed a better understanding of system dynamics and how to improve existing processes within business organizations.

Raun is highly proficient at identifying areas where changes can be made to outpace competitors. He believes that making changes without considering how they fit with other parts of the company will not yield successful results. Therefore, he focuses on implementing best practices for sales, marketing and SOPs before looking for further opportunities to create advantages over competitors.

Raun has been able to confirm certain principles that contribute to business success, thanks to his vast experience across multiple industries. He states that anyone can learn these principles but few can successfully implement them or know when it’s necessary to tweak them for maximum benefit. This is where Raun’s competitive advantage comes from: his brain is wired for this type of work, which enables him to consistently outperform others who may be following similar strategies as him.

Raun Shephard is an example of what can be achieved if you put your mind towards something and do everything possible towards achieving success – regardless of whatever obstacles may stand in your way.

With his unique ability to dissect complex systems into smaller components while still seeing the bigger picture, Raun continues pushing boundaries along with striving for greater heights both professionally and personally.

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